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A wide range of standard versions of brushed and brushless electric motors, gearboxes and drive controllers is just as much a part of our portfolio as technical advice for custom-made designs. Our technically experienced employees develop the best possible drive solution. Always with regard to a potential reduction of costs in your application.
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As a long-standing partner, ENGEL ElektroMotoren AG supplies us with innovative and high-quality products in the field of electric drives. Particularly noteworthy is the stable delivery performance and the honest and trusting cooperation.

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DC-Motors, DC-Gearmotors & Drive controllers

  • DC-Motors
  • DC-Gearmotors
  • Drive Controller
Can't find a suitable variant among our standard solutions? No problem, we adapt our motors to your application!
Blueprint of a GNM Series motor

GNM - Brushed DC-Motors

The GNM series stands for our DC servo motors with a permanent magnetic field. As voltage variants for the standard version we offer 12V, 24V and 42V. The nominal torque ranges in continuous operation S1 reach up to 1.6 Nm without gear box. Depending on the application, the motors can be designed with protection class IP21, IP41 or IP54. This series is particularly service-friendly due to carbon brush windows.

Blueprint of a GNM Series motor with gearbox

GNM - Brushed DC-Gearmotors

In order to individually adapt the output torques and speeds, selected spur gear units as well as planetary gear units for coaxial applications or worm gear units for a cost-optimizing power deflection by 90° are available.

Blueprint of a VGM Series motor with gearbox

VGM - Brushed DC-motors / Gearmotors Protection class IP65

With the VGM series, DC motors with IP65 protection are available. These models are characterized by a closed design - without carbon brush windows. The various sizes have the same windings (voltage, speed, torque) as our GNM series.

Blueprint of a HSM Series motor with gearbox

HSM - Brushless DC-Motors / Gearmotors

HSM series: An internal rotor with Hall sensor technology. The special features of this series are its high dynamics, excellent controllability and long service life. The motors are maintenance-free as commutation is electronic. A wide range of planetary gearheads in various designs are available for you. Further modifications are possible on request, including various worm gear units.

New Series: TQM - Brushless DC Motors

Particularly suitable in the field of e-mobility: an external rotor as wheel hub motor. This series will be added to our standard portfolio in the near future. Please contact us for more information.

Coming Soon: ISM - Brushless DC Motors

A BLDC-motor as internal rotor with already integrated control electronics. If you are interested please contact us. We are in constant development to offer you the latest technology.

Blueprint of a Drive Controller

Drive controller

In order to achieve dynamic speed or torque control, various drive controllers are available. With their digital inputs and outputs, they increase the flexibility and possible uses in many applications. Furthermore, various fieldbus systems can also be used. In scripts a higher-level functionality can be programmed, which is normally taken over by a higher-level controller. In many cases, the overall system costs can be significantly reduced due to the flexible use of drive controllers.


From the first CAD line to the finished drive system - ENGEL is at your side!

Special Solutions

We modify our motors according to your needs to ensure optimal performance. Specific winding designs, e.g. for intermittent operation and other mechanical adjustments are developed and implemented for you.


Do you have questions about specific motor or transmission data? We will be happy to advise you on the selection and configuration. We are always available by e-mail and during our operating hours by telephone.


We would be pleased to check your motor. What is the condition of the collector and brush, what about wear marks, the condition of seals, etc., what is the condition of the gearbox?


Is something broken? Our in-house repair department is specialized and technically up to date. We would be pleased to provide you with a report on your motor. If the repair is economically viable, you will receive a cost estimate free of charge.


Do you need spare parts? With the help of the seven-digit motor number we always find the right spare part for you. Please feel free to contact us.


If it's urgent, call us!
The fastest way we can help you is if you give us the serial number of your ENGEL motor.

Contract manufacturing

Challenge us - because our specialty is to implement your requirement!

ENGEL manufactures your armatures, cases, rotors and in the near future also stators

In order to increase the vertical range of manufacture and to be more independent of market developments in the future, we have already decided again in 2021 to include anchor production and all associated processes in our program. The production, which has been outsourced for more than 10 years, can now take place in Walluf again thanks to state-of-the-art machines and new acquisitions. We offer contract manufacturing of housings with already equipped magnets, armatures and rotors completely according to your specifications. The production of stators in house is still in the development stage, new projects can already be discussed with our technical department.

Qualified employees and well-rehearsed work processes make ENGEL a good name in contract manufacturing. As a specialist for all types of windings, we offer complete solutions with high quality and long service life from the very first piece.

The current machines offer the following possibilities

Anchor diameter: 21 – 80 mm
Sheet bundle length: 15 – 75 mm
Wavelength max.: 350 mm
Wave diameter: 4 – 25 mm
Wire thickness: 0,2 – 1,2 mm

Different winding types (including straight or slanted winding)

GNM motor with open casing
Gear Box GP48

Gearbox construction

A basic component of our daily work with electric motors is gearbox production. No matter whether you want to purchase a motor with gearbox or the gearbox individually, ENGEL offers you the right solution for every requirement. According to your drawing, the design department will create a CAD model for approval. If no drawing is available, you are welcome to send us the parts to be replaced. We will carry out a measurement and prepare a quotation on the basis of this.

Plastic Injection Molding

Precise, Fast & Flexible

Another area of contract manufacturing is the precise and fast production of injection molded plastic elements. For this purpose, we have state-of-the-art machines (injection moulding machines as well as peripheral equipment) from well-known manufacturers. The molded parts will be used at ENGEL in the future, among other things, in the field of stators. The other areas of application are as diverse as the industries for which these injection moulded parts are required.

The raw material is converted directly into the moulded part in just one process step. No time-consuming reworking is necessary due to the precision of our machines. Since the production process is largely automatic, planning can be carried out with a minimum of manpower. In our in-house test laboratory, the finished products are thoroughly tested by our qualified personnel.

Injection Molding
The current machines offer the following possibilities

Shot weight up to 359 Gramm
Shot volume up to 392 cm³
Closing force: 10 – 2200 kN

Processing of all common thermoplastics (also glass fiber reinforced), production of Two-component molded parts possible, special materials on request.

Production with special tools (sealing nozzles) possible on request.

Your Contact Persons

Do you have questions or suggestions? We are at your service during our business hours.
For inquiries about the preparation of offers and the transmission of your orders, please use the following e-mail address: kontakt@engel-elektromotoren.de

Heike Römer

Sales office &
Customer service

Luisa Blum

Key Account Management and Leader of Marketing

Waltraud Schmelzeisen

Sales office &
Customer service

Ralf Schneider

Sales manager / Application

Steffen Sturm

Materials management / Quality assurance

Rüdiger Stoffel

Service and repairs

Our Quality Manangement

We set a high value on the quality of our products


With the highest precision and the most modern technology, all our components are checked for the smallest tolerances. If a component does not meet the requirements, it is sorted out.


It is not without reason that we regularly receive requests for the replacement of motors or transmissions that have often been in operation for well over 30 years.

Measuring the 3D coordinates of gearboxes

All gear components are tested to the smallest tolerances using 3D coordinate measuring technology, here with the aid of a Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine. All components are inserted into the machine by hand and then automatically checked by the machine.

Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine

Optical measurement of shafts

Optical measurement of shafts - shown here with a JENOPTIK shaft measuring machine. Each shaft is clamped into the testing machine by hand and then checked for tolerances with an optical sensor. If tolerances are exceeded, the shaft is rejected.

JENOPTIK Wave Testing Machine

Inspection of chamfers and radii

With the help of a measuring profile projector from Mitutoyo and the trained human eye, chamfers and radii of each individual motor are optically measured. Due to the many years' experience of our employees, minor deviations are directly detected.

Mitutoyo Measuring Profile Projector

AEO - Authorised Economic Operator

ENGEL ElektroMotoren AG is an authorized economic operator (AEO)

Increasing globalization and the changed international security situation have prompted the World Customs Organization (WCO) to create a worldwide framework for modern effective risk management in customs administrations with a "Framework of Standard to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade" (SAFE). At the European level, the security aspects of the SAFE were implemented at the time through security amendments to the Customs Code and the Customs Code Implementing Regulation. Following the repeal of the Customs Code and the Customs Code Implementing Regulation on April 30, 2016, the provisions of the Union Customs Code (UCC), the Implementing Regulation (IA) and the Delegated Regulation (DA) now apply. The introduction of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) represents an essential element of the EU security concept. We have fulfilled all requirements for this and the authorization is official since 18.07.2023. AEO Logo

Environmental & quality management

For us an ongoing business process

By quality we mean a business process supported by the management. Our quality and environmental policy serves the future-oriented planning of technical and human resources and the preservation and optimization of our economic success in all the markets we serve. We set ourselves the goal of Total Quality in all areas of our business. This is our commitment to our customers and to ourselves. The satisfaction of our customers and the improvement of all our production processes and workflows are our top priority. We want to achieve these goals while maintaining active environmental protection, by conserving our resources and focusing on the reduction of emissions and the protection of soil, water and air. We comply with laws, regulations and requirements and comply with occupational safety guidelines. We agree on quality targets that are in line with our quality philosophy, the quality of work for all employees and of course for each individual. Our quality standards demand well-trained and motivated employees. We promote this through further education, training and instructions. We equip our employees with the necessary skills, the necessary authority and responsibility for their area. We are in a continuous process of Optimization to meet all our quality requirements. Hence, we provide the necessary resources in the appropriate volume to achieve the objectives and targets. Based on our quality and environmental policy, we maintain and document a quality and environmental management system that covers all phases of the service provision. ISO 9001:2015 / 14001:2015 Logo

Our Company History

  • Old company logo from 1923

    1923 - Year of foundation

    On April 1, 1923, the engineer Erich Engel founded a repair workshop for small electrical appliances in Wiesbaden, Dotzheimer Straße 105. In the same year his brother Fred joined the newly founded company "Ing. Erich und Fred Engel Elektrotechnische Fabrik" after completing his engineering studies. From then on the company successfully produced transformers and electric motors.

  • Bird's eye view of the company building in the Dotzheimer Straße

    1938 - Expansion through relocation

    In 1938 the company moves to a larger factory site at Dotzheimer Straße 147 in Wiesbaden.

  • Bird's eye view of the company building in Schierstein

    1962 - Move to Wiesbaden Schierstein

    The ENGEL-Group's great success demanded further space after a few years. The new plant, built on the so-called grünen Wiese (greenfield site) in Wiesbaden-Schierstein, became the new company headquarters in 1962.

  • A former computer with a screen on which the ENGEL logo can be seen

    1980s - If you want to survive on the market, you have to be progressive.

    With meanwhile 60 years tradition, the ENGEL GmbH continues to develop with the help of most modern technology. The ENGEL GmbH is one of the first companies in Wiesbaden to work with advanced computer technology. The turning department also expands and acquires one of the first robot-controlled cutting production systems available on the market. Catalog from 1983

  • A robot arm that was highly modern at the time

    1987 - New enterprises

    On 19.02.1987 the turning department becomes an independent enterprise with 25 coworkers, with seat in Walluf, Germany (ENGEL Präzisions-Drehteile GmbH). Additionally in the same year the new ENGEL Getriebebau GmbH is founded.

  • The new ENGEL building in Walluf

    1994 to 1996 - Relocation to Walluf

    On 1st April 1994 the newly founded ENGEL ElektroMotoren GmbH takes over the production of DC motors from ENGEL GmbH. Two years later the company moves into modern production facilities at the new location "Am Klingenweg 7" in Walluf.

  • Building Am Klingenweg 9 in Walluf

    2001 to 2010 - Reorganization

    Between 2001 and 2010, the newly founded ENGEL Elektroantriebe GmbH takes over the sales organisation for the production companies ENGEL ElektroMotoren GmbH and ESA Elektromotoren GmbH.

  • Several anchors with winding

    2011 - Separation

    From January 2011, the newly founded production companies have again taken over the administrative departments themselves and are now operating under their own names:
    ENGEL ElektroMotoren GmbH
    ENGEL Elektroantriebe GmbH

  • The roof of the ENGEL building in Walluf

    2018 - Change of the legal form

    ENGEL ElektroMotoren GmbH changes its legal form to an AG. The goals of reacting faster and more effectively to changes in the market and individual customer requirements can now be pursued even more efficiently!

  • Photo of plastic injection molding machine

    2022 - Establishment and expansion of two departments

    Construction and expansion of our internal winding department, as well as the new construction of a plastic injection molding department in order to further increase our vertical range of manufacture. For this purpose, major investments were made in order to combine the most modern technologies in our company.

  • Firework - Foto by Thomas Park

    2023 - ENGEL turns 100 years old!

    On 19.04.2023 we celebrated our 100th anniversary! Our long-time employees and loyal customers have contributed significantly to this - Thank you!

  • And
    the story
    goes on!