Umwelt-/ und Qualitätsmanagement
Bei uns ein fortwährender Unternehmensprozess

We understand the term quality to mean a business process supported by management. Our quality and environmental policies cater for the future-oriented planning of technical and human resources and the safeguarding and optimisation of our economic success in all the markets we serve.

We have set ourselves the standard of total quality in all business areas. This is the commitment we have both to our customers and to ourselves. The satisfaction of our customers and improvement of all our production and work processes are top priority. We aim to meet these goals while actively maintaining a sustainable environment by handling our resources carefully, reducing emissions and protecting soil, water and air.

We abide by all the applicable laws, regulations and requirements while taking into account industrial health and safety guidelines. We agree quality objectives which are consistent with our focus on quality, involving all our employees and taking into account the quality of the work of each one.

Our commitment to quality requires well-trained and well-motivated employees. We promote this through education, training and instruction and provide our employees with the necessary powers and responsibility for their area.

We carry out a continuous optimisation process to meet our quality standards, making the necessary funds available to achieve these goals and objectives.

Because of our quality and environmental policy, we maintain and document a quality and environmental management system which covers all the phases of production and services.