Our History
More than 85 years in the production of electric motors

On 1 April 1923, engineer Erich Engel set up a repair shop at Dotzheimer Strasse 105 in Wiesbaden for electrical appliances such as hair dryers and fans. After his brother Fred completed his engineering studies in the same year, he joined Erich and they formed a new company, ERICH & FRED ENGEL, which became successful in the production of electric motors and transformers.

Since the production capacities had become too small in 1938, the company moved to new premises at Dotzheimer Strasse 147.

The success of Engel products led to a renewed need for capacity within a few years. The new plant, built on a greenfield site in Wiesbaden (Schierstein at Rheingaustrasse 34-36) became the company head office from 1962 onwards.

Fred Engel, son of the company founder of the same name, has been running Engels GmbH since 1965.

A new era of motor design began in 1985 with the founding of ENGEL Servo-Antriebe GmbH. This company develops and manufactures brushless AC synchronous motors and electronic controllers.

In 1986, the entire group purchased the new facility in Walluf near Wiesbaden, which is still the headquarters of the Engel Group. This is where the companies of the ENGEL group, using the latest CNC-controlled production machines and test beds on a 6500 qm production area, now manufacture brushless and brushed motors, the associated control electronics and a wide range of gear units.

In order to focus on strategic business areas, the new ENGEL companies started operating under their new name on 1 January 2011. We aim to be in a position to respond even faster and more effectively to changes and specific features of the market.